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Post Judgement Actions

Modification of Custody and Support

Considering the best interests of the child, custody may be modified by a judge if there has been a material change of condition that substantially affects the welfare of a child. Visitation or parenting time rights can also be modified upon showing that a proposed change is in the best interests of the child regardless of whether there has been a material change of circumstances substantially affecting the welfare of the child. Provided there has been a substantial change in income or financial status of either party, alimony and child support may be modifiable, upward or downward, depending on the circumstances. We have collectively handled hundreds of cases in modification actions.

Post-Decree Enforcement (Contempt)

There are times when one or both parties fail to comply with a Court Order requiring payment of child support or alimony, or relating to custody or visitation. The remedy when a party fails to comply with a Court Order is to file a contempt action to have a judge enforce the Court Order. If the court finds a party in willful contempt, that party can be ordered to cooperate or comply with the order, be incarcerated, and/or pay the other party’s attorneys’ fees. We have significant experience representing clients seeking enforcement of prior orders, as in defending clients facing a Motion for Contempt filed by a former spouse.


All Hedgepeth Heredia partners have practiced before the Supreme Court of Georgia or the Georgia Court of Appeals in matters where our clients believed that an issue was wrongly decided in the Superior Court in their family law matters. While appeals are not commonplace in a Family Law practice, access to the appellate courts has become easier and less restrictive, and we at Hedgepeth Heredia have the capability, the skill and the experience to handle any family law appellate matter.

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